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AIRBNB, San Francisco / AIRBNB / 2015

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The Airbnb Night At campaign was designed to engage a broad global audience through the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in a unique location transformed into an Airbnb listing. Through the narrative of unlocking access to aspirational and culturally relevant locations in each market, the campaign drove traffic to the Airbnb website and elicited user sign-ups to enter and book — similar to the user experience of booking an actual Airbnb listing. The winner’s experience came complete with Airbnb hospitality, access and surprises at each location, creating the opportunity for content capture and press coverage. The Airbnb Night At campaign brings Airbnb’s unique service to life, engaging audiences through relevant locations and illustrating our mission to create belonging anywhere.


1. KLM:

PR Hits: 260

Social Metrics: 8003 expressions, 44,139 engagements

Page Views: 337,178

# of Entries: 10,204

2) Galeries Lafayette: 1/6/15

PR Hits: 340

Social Expressions:

1056 expressions

153,780 engagements

Page Views: 151,364

# of Entries: 4,914

3)Courchevel Ski Lift: 3/6/15

PR Hits: 260

Social Metrics:

5145 expressions

156,780 engagements

Page Views: 409,230

# of Entries: 9,870

4) Iniesta's Winery

PR Hits: 117

Social Metrics:

4401 expressions

116,529 engagements

Page Views:141,431

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