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We created a "warp cube," where users could use a smartphone to "warp" between spectacular views all over the world. Other features include phone calls from people in the images, and maps showing the user’s current position. A stress-free, “you are there” experience is made possible by au’s communications technology. The content was also put on the website and YouTube TrueView as "warp screen," so PC and mobile users could enjoy the experience without coming to the cube. Mobile users could move their smartphone around for 360-degree views, and swing their smartphone upward to “warp” to another location.


We spent two months using drones to shoot 360° footage in 15 locations around the world. We used it to create an event called “warp cube,” which reproduced the footage in 1:1 actual size. The event was held over three days in August 2015, in a heavily trafficked commercial area of Tokyo. Users entered a cube, in which they were surrounded by 360° of high-resolution LED screens. By swinging their smartphone upward, users could instantly “jump” between different breathtaking views.

We also wanted people who didn’t attend the event to experience the brand, so in September 2015 we made the same 360° content available as “warp screen,” on our website and on YouTube TrueView.


“warp cube” was hugely popular, with 1,100 users waiting an average of three hours to experience it during its three-day run. It was also picked up by many media outlets.

An additional 16 million people experienced the 360° content on “warp screen” and YouTube TrueView over a period of five months. The massive response drove up au’s brand favorability by 348%. The number of people surveyed who answered that au is the best mobile phone provider rose by 171%, a fulfillment of our KPI.

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