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We knew every man, woman, and their corgi would jump on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and as an official sponsor of the pageant, McDonald’s had a right to play a central role in this most iconic of cultural occasions.

In relation to the sponsorship, our objectives were to increase engagement and conversation across earned and owned channels, drive people into restaurant and to engage with the McDonald’s App.

Whilst our brief was to create an impactful PR campaign which would put McDonald’s right at the heart of the action, we knew there was potential to do so much more.


In 2022, the UK was celebrating the Queen's 70th Jubilee. To mark this iconic moment, we gave McDonald's iconic brand assets a Royal Makeover, reminding everyone how this American brand has become a mainstay of British culture.

The McDonald's ‘five-note sting’ (known to millions simply as “ba da ba ba baaaa”) is one of the most recognisable pieces of music in the world, and sits at the end of almost every piece of McDonald's content globally, including in the UK.

We got the equally iconic Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to record a new version of the McDonald's jingle, a first in the brand’s 67-year history.

We recorded the performance to create an audio-led film that instantly went viral, and inspired hundreds of TikTok duets. The Royal Jingle replaced the original at the end of every single McDonald's TV and Radio spot for six days, in place of the typical sonic device.


Our series of activations, led by the re-scoring of the brand’s iconic jingle, put McDonald's at the centre of the conversation around the Queen's Jubilee, driving 250k McDonald's App competition entries, 240k product offer redemptions, and over 300 pieces of domestic and even international PR coverage, all featuring our audio-led film. We delivered 1.63million impressions across owned social channels, and the new jingle was used on every TV & radio ad for six days.

Named as ‘campaign of the week’ by trade publications in three continents, and, as one national journalist told us: “McDonald’s won the Jubilee with this campaign”.

Our Royal Makeover wasn’t only on the lips of the industry, it was talked about everywhere – but, crucially, it delivered commercially. McDonald’s said they’d never seen UK franchisees jump on a campaign the way they did with this campaign, not just in the UK, but in Commonwealth markets too.   

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