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Although soccer is a Brazilian passion, brands, investors and even the audience still have a hard time recognizing female soccer. Hence the campaigns and partnerships aimed at female players are minimal, almost nonexistent, even during FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Avon, a brand that has been empowering women over 150 years and that had worked with Marta a year before, in 2018 Men’s World Cup, had already signed a contract with Marta for the launch of Power Stay lipstick.


What we had to do was to prove that this new long-lasting lipstick was so efficient that we would resist everything, even sweat. So, we decided to prove the lipstick excellence by putting it on Marta’s lips during all matches of 2019 Women’s World Cup.


All beauty brands in the market already have long-lasting lipstick, even Avon. And we’re talking here of the most loved and desired makeup item by Brazilian women, so of course, most of the women in Brazil already have at least one of this item in their necessaire.

But even though all brands offer long-lasting, some don’t deliver it. So if we could prove that long-lasting lipstick could really remain intact even after a soccer match, with all the running and sweat that comes along with it, then we would bring long-lasting lipstick to another level. And we did it.


The whole campaign lasted for two months. First, we had Marta wearing lipstick on the Cup, which lasted for about 3 weeks, and then we had the film for TV for the official launch of the lipstick.

But the engagement and impact with the campaign were such that later Avon even developed a collection of products from the Power Stay line. With that, the brand was able to sponsor so many other female athletes from different fields, such as athleticism and skateboard.

This only happened because a single lipstick shook the whole market. Economically, it moved the entire sports sector and the results keep growing until today.


At the end of the second match, when Marta wore the purple lipstick, internet users all over the world were talking about Marta’s lipstick.

The buzz started with people and soon was endorsed by the media. All the greatest newsmedia all over the world were talking about it too: Mirror, The New York Times, New Yorker, Vogue, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, Le Monde, The Guardian, Forbes, CNN, BBC, ESPN, Glamour and so many others.

The search for lipstick increased by 585,9% online. The Avon Store visits increased by 2.000%.

We saved almost 2 million dollars of earned media.

Power Stay was Avon’s best selling lipstick in 2019, with more than 1 million units sold on the launching date (3x sales projection), 16 lipsticks sold per minute during the World Cup, 46% of e-comm receipts came from Power Stay sales.

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