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H&M Young World Barcelona

OUTFORM, Miami / H&M / 2024

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H&M recognized a decline in engagement among Gen Z women aged 16-21, perceiving their brand as outdated and primarily online oriented. Particularly, their DIVIDED line lacked distinctiveness and relevance. Understanding the pivotal role of this demographic for their future, H&M decided to revitalize the DIVIDED section within their Barcelona flagship store. Our mission was to allure these young women back, rekindle their brand connection, and transform the store into a captivating experiential hub rather than a mere clothing outlet. Nestled within Barcelona's historic Edificio Generali, our challenge extended to seamlessly blending traditional architecture with a forward-looking retail ambiance. Our objective? To craft a physical space seamlessly merging the digital lifestyles of Gen Z, ensuring a holistic 360° customer journey that leaves them invigorated, inspired, and deeply reconnected with the H&M brand.


We began our creative venture by revamping H&M Barcelona's DIVIDED section into 'Young World,' an experiential haven that transcended the traditional retail concept. The space was designed to promote self-expression, self-identity, and self-love, creating a Gen Z playground to serve as a social style lab, it will ignite inspiration, creativity, and communal sharing, aligning with H&M's customer experience vision. The goal was to seamlessly integrate the digital lifestyle of our audience with the physical retail environment by taking it from a mere shopping experience to a vibrant cultural space that fosters personal style exploration and offers the customers a sharable experience.


Targeting Gen Z young women aged 16-21, H&M's strategy for the Barcelona flagship, Young World, aimed to reintroduce the brand through an immersive shopping experience. The launch not only increased brand awareness but also excited them about experiencing and sharing it.

By understanding their habits and mindset, particularly their rejection of binaries and embrace of fluid identity, we tailored Young World to their values of creativity and customization. Digital mannequins allowed shoppers to personalize their journey, reflecting their ever-evolving sense of self. We made shopping a communal experience with integrated digital touchpoints, invigorating the DIVIDED line and growing H&M's market share among this demographic. By reshaping their perception of H&M, we aimed to build a loyal customer base for the future.


From the moment customers stepped into the store, they were enveloped in a dynamic atmosphere, greeted by animated light ropes that set the tone for their journey. They then encountered the digital mannequin, a groundbreaking feature controlled directly from their phones, offering a seamless and personalized exploration of virtual lookbooks. This digital experience not only enhanced their shopping journey but also served as a source of inspiration. Finally, customers culminated their experience in the social fitting room, where the interaction went beyond merely trying on clothes. Here, they shared their styles and experiences with their online community, fostering a sense of connection and creativity. This holistic approach ensured that every aspect of Young World was designed to ignite imagination and leave a lasting impression on customers.


Following the launch of Young World, concrete results underscore its success. Sales exceeded the target by 10% within the first six months. Enrollment of customers increased by 20% compared to other stores in the market. The reactivation of silent and lost customers doubled from the previous year. The social fitting room garnered over 11 million views on TikTok and engaged over 100K users. The store's impact on social media elevated its status as a local and tourist destination. Foot traffic surged by 20% compared to neighboring H&M stores. Notably, customers queued to experience the social fitting room, leading to increased time spent in-store. These quantifiable outcomes affirm the significant impact of Young World in driving sales, customer engagement, and brand recognition.

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