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Hologram Tales with Ford C-MAX

ZER, Istanbul / FORD / 2016

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According to UNICEF Report on the children’s situation in Turkey, 50% of the parents do not play with their children and only 38% of the parents read bedtime tales to their children at early ages. When considering that Turkey’s most published 10 books are a combination of both local and global fairy tale novels, not only children but also the adults love stories. In the view of the fact that tales are beneficial to the imagination of the children, finding a solution was necessary. As a brand that values the family, claims to offer creative and technological life solutions for every member of the family Ford created a family car, the new Ford C-MAX. Since this idea included the whole family, as an automobile brand Ford used the hologram technology to make something caring, unique and beneficial for the youngest members of the family.



Ford created hologram projection devices and a microsite which contained videos of the pedagogically approved tales. The videos were specifically designed for this purpose in the hologram format.

Media channels and integration:

With the collaboration of Turkey’s most popular kids health magazine Kids&Gourmet, 5.000 projectors were distributed to the families. The magazine not only contained information about how to build the projector, but also had articles on the the benefits of tales on kids’ imagination.


The Ford branded issue of the magazine started to be distributed from 1st of March. It included the hologram projectors and the banners with the information on getting into the microsite that included the videos in both the hologram and standard formats.


Mobile banners were published at the same time with the social media posts. Users filled the forms on the mobile banners and the magazines with the projectors were sent to the families.


Action/business results

In addition to 5.000 copies of the magazine with hologram projection papers distributed to the families, another 3.000 hologram projection papers were ordered through mobile banners and follow up online forms. In only one month, the microsite had more than 200.000 visits.


Among many others, Turkey’s leading advertising and marketing magazines Webrazzi and CampaignTR published articles about the Hologram Tales. With the magazines, social media buzz and word of mouth, the earned media was multiplied. By this way, 35.000 USD earned media was received.

When ordering the Ford branded Kids&Gourmet edition the parents were asked whether they read bedtime stories to their kids or not. More than 70% of the families said they didn’t. Thanks to Hologram Tales with Ford C-MAX, bedtime storytelling was remembered by the parents and thousands of kids fell asleep with the hologram tales.

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