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EASY RETAIL S.A., Santiago / EASY / 2020

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Situation: In a growing category and in front of a competitor with greater advertising investment, we needed to differentiate ourselves, for that we defined a purpose: "To help people to build the home of their dreams" A perspective that would welcome much deeper and emotional signifiers of the Home, becoming the brand's territory.

This would bring a new communication path and force us to rethink our commitment to the community, where the Home would change our way of creating reputation.

Brief: To demonstrate our brand belief, the relevance and the emotional effect that the Home has, through a social action of disruptive reputation.

Objectives: Demonstrate through a brand action, our belief: the home transcends the physical and its experiences and the emotionality it possesses are key to people's quality of life.

Increase reputation indicators: at least 10 points in the IPSOS and RepTrak ranking.


Under our brand purpose, we had developed an insight that would mark all our communication "When you renew an element or space in your home, something in you is also renewed”. In other words, the Home could have an impact on people's well-being.

But what about those who, for some forced reason, could not be at home? In Chile there are many people who, for health reasons, spend their days hospitalized and far from their homes.

Based on the above, “Home Therapy: Antonella's Bedroom” was born. Antonella was a 7-year-old patient, with a bone marrow transplant, at the Calvo Mackenna Hospital. For 9 months, she had been away from her native San Antonio, from her friends, from her family and from her home.

As a brand, we set out to take her room from San Antonio to the hospital box where she received her daily treatment.


Approach: We wanted to make the sense of Home tangible by taking Antonella's bedroom from San Antonio to the hospital box using digital mapping, an audiovisual technique with 3D video projectors that can display an animation or images on real surfaces. We were able to transform a conventional Calvo Mackenna Hospital's box in Anto's bedroom, identical to the one in her house in San Antonio.

Target: Easy has always been a transversal brand, targeting the middle-class family segment, with a communicational inclination to the adult-young female audience.

We needed to show our audience that we were a connected brand from the most emotional dimension of the business. We needed to improve our reputation to give credibility and make our discourse live, avoiding falling into environmental conventionalisms or traditional solidarity-social aid. On the contrary, we had to impact them from our new interpretation of the territory and purpose of the brand:


Prior to launch: We held intensive meetings with the hospital management to be able to activate it, since recovery rooms are extremely scarce and our intervention could not exceed 4 hours.

Then we travel to San Antonio, creating a representation as real as possible of Antonella's room. Finally, we managed to make the intervention in the hospital room and we registered the case.

Launch: Antonella’s story and the hospital's intervention was recorded in video. It was launched on all our digital platforms before a high-rating football match.

We complemented with a landing page that included more details about the story and its connection with Easy. And we amplified the piece with influencers. Finally we waited for the premiere of Toy Story 3, along with the school’s winter holidays to take advantage of the largest number of families in theaters.


After Antonella underwent therapy, her psychologist supported us in repeating it, considering the improvement in her personality and mood. This convinced us as a brand about the belief that the Home can become a therapy.

As a result of this history and the effect it had on all those involved, the project took on a meaning beyond a social action, becoming an Easy's program that proposes to provide a tool to promote recovery through the Home.

In addition, in terms of reputation, we went from 34th place in 2018 to 13th in 2019 (+21 places) in the IPSOS Corporate Reputation Ranking, being the second most important rise in the year, putting Easy above the average for its category as well as the 100 brands evaluated. Additionally, in the “RepTrak® Chile” ranking, we went from 33rd place to 22nd place from 2018 to 2019.

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