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Since its inception, Honor has globally committed to being an Internet-only product and services model that truly fits the needs of users. It is the leading global internet-based phone brand. Its product base is divided into three categories: smart devices, smart wear and smart homes.

Honor is committed to the role of being a great companion, helping all youths realize their honor. Honor is a UGC internet brand for today. Every user choice is worthy of respect, allowing users to define by themselves what Honor means to them, and therefore lets them be partners in the construction of the brand. The agency worked on the creative strategy to provide customers with a collective “brand perception, online shopping, service center and membership relationship management system”. We provided a seamless digital shopping experience based on the main business flow of Honor overseas.


The challenges and opportunities included:

The overseas websites – the official site, the forum, the ecommerce shops – all being independent, with different design styles. There was no set interface design specifications and component systems that can cover all scenes and support business development.

- There were different design and development teams at each overseas site. Different website construction and development technologies were needed for individual countries. The integrated website design must consider the feasibilities of this project.

- There were many sub-system modules and back-end subsystems, including “merchandise management,” “order management,” “purchasing,” “payment,” “order fulfillment,” “warehousing logistics,” and “operation service,” which supported the overseas ecommerce business. The integration plan included the business landscape and functional scope. The project spanned across three geographies, China, US, and India.

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