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TAKAO AOYAMA, Saitama / BANDAI / 2012

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Presentation Image






This poster was designed with an aim to raise the profile of yo-yos among a wide range of people.

In Japan, yo-yos are recognised as toys designed for children.

However in reality, playing with yo-yos is a highly competitive sport that can be enjoyed by everyone from kids through adults.

My client was hoping to spread playing with yo-yos among people of all age groups as a cool and fashionable street sport just like skateboarding.


Since common camouflage patterns occasionally remind people of wars, I avoided using their average colours for the background design.Instead, I designed the background mainly with blue, red, black and white, colours used in the brand’s image colours: 'Yo-Yo Factory', 'Duncan', 'Yomega' and 'Hyper Cluster'.


In April 1st, 2012, there was a huge event of hyper yo-yos at Sun Shine City in Tokyo.

The copies of this poster went on display along with other posters advertising this event. We have successfully conveyed a new image of yo-yos for use by consumers, rather than the image up until now of yo-yos being expressly for children.Bandai is now aiming at establishing a standardised image among consumers by making use of this visual design as 1 of the materials for their future promotion of their products.

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