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With Branded Entertainment, brands want too much of the branded and media channels tend to want too much of the ‘Entertainment’. Therefore, the universal objective of ensuring the audience is not overwhelmed by the products a brand finances is important, but equally complex. Implementing a global concept such as the New Thinkers Index (NTI) becomes difficult as regulations by market differ greatly in their interpretation The challenge was to run NTI in 3 regions. We had to contemplate the laissez-faire regulations in emerging markets such as Brazil to a more restrictive mature markets such as UK & Australia (UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, BR, Australia) Nonetheless due to budget constraints, Hyundai required a consistent approach that could be implemented globally and cost effectively. Many country specific regulations prohibit brands developing a global entertainment platform, as countries demand local skews, such as France and Malaysia, which drive up cost.We chose digital, compared to other traditional media, as it carries less regulatory restriction. However, Hyundai was still beholden to the editorial integrity of our chief partner Microsoft. Whilst having less restriction on local programming their code stipulated a need for ‘subtle integration of brand and product that shall not be regarded as gratuitous by our the audience’.


We developed an integrated plan to attract people utilising a multiscreen approach. The content had to engage a broad based audience. We created films that would ignite people’s passions. Film – Kevin Spacey, Sport - Ian Wright, Fashion - Lily Cole, Food – Alvin Leung, Music – Tom Jones.

The Thinkers Test primarily focused around how you think and compare to othersMSN & Xbox – Bespoke hub driven by Editorial & MediaSocial – Bespoke Hub, Content + Media driversPR – Targeting of global media based around the celebrities Mobile – Bespoke hub driven by Editorial & Media


Whilst the campaign still running (ends May 2012) we have seen phenomenal brand uplift. PR has been phenomenal across both trade and consumer with 2 headline articles within the (63m daily uniques)The New Thinkers Index is being noticed:Display Media imps 187mXbox impressions 6mMobile Impressions 19.1mIt got people involved:Unique visits to hub 2.1m+Average time spent on hub 6 minsTotal time with brand 25years+% Users taking Test150,000 +Click Through Rate to official site 2.73%NTI Facebook page7,000+ organic fans, reaching 2m+ across Hyundai’s FB pageCelebrities sharing: Kevin Spacey (2.1m), Jessie J (1.9m)Hyundai's Brand Measures rose dramatically:Awareness increased 2.8 times Slogan Awareness +90%Spontaneous Brand Linkage to Slogan +114%Measures improved with Multi-Platform approach"Premium" +137%"Exceeds Expectations" +81%- Customer Preference +40%- Luxury +54% “Microsoft’s reach and multiplatform execution provide us with a true media partner who have delivered brand uplift during the campaign period with sales increase, even in France (15%)& Germany (24%), markets that have proved historically challenging for Hyundai”.

Woo June Cha / Deputy General Manager / Overseas Communication Team

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