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OGILVY BEIJING, Beijing / IBM / 2011

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The ITer was a magazine and a IT blog that was reaching its target, but not exciting or relating well enough to its target. Therefore, the client wanted to give it new life.


The video, which is the piece entered, is a thoughtful piece that came after interviewing IT managers and hearing their stories. Hearing how they felt about themselves and how they went about their daily work. This helped to created the main character of the animated video, and from there a 3D CGI studio got involved. In addition, one of China's rising hip-hop stars wrote the music


In the end, IBM reached over 1 million top IT professionals, the opinion leaders in their field. Along the way, ITer helped IBM create buzz and gain greater influence. What's more, it's projected to boost business leads in 2011 17 times! And at the same time connected with the industry in an entirely new way that supports IBM's image as a brand innovator!

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