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PHOCUS, São Luís / ABINBEV / 2021

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The Brazilian state of Piauí has maximum temperatures that exceed all other places in the country. Temperatures reach 104ºF. Thus, the local population lives with this and the relationship with heat is part of the culture. They usually laugh about it.

In this context, AB InBev had recently launched a new brand: Berrió, the beer made in Piauí with cashew, with exclusive local production and distribution. Berrió is the beer proudly from the state of Piauí, Brazil, launched by AB InBev in October, 2020.

The objective was to launch a project that would generate new conversations about the brand 5 months after its launch, maintaining the growth in the volume of mentions and in the percentage of public engagement with the brand on social networks.


We created the iCooler. The coolest cooler ever. The typical Brazilian cooler with a fan attached. Made to refresh twice. Technology made in Piauí, for Piauí. With 3 speeds and an USB charger. With it, Berrió refreshes more than any other beer. Without leaving aside the good humor of Piauí.


The strategy was to create a brand experience starting by creating a promotional item present at the same time in the consumer's journey and in the local cultural context.

The purpose of the brand is to value the local culture and people of Piauí. In a good-humored way, as are the people of the state.

Since it is a beer from Piauí, all its communication needs to have a local approach, of who is genuinely born and raised there.

From there, we created a humorous campaign that launched the product as a revolutionary technology, with teaser inspired by big tech campaigns.

After the launch, we did unboxing actions and content collabs with local creators to generate awareness for the campaign and engagement for the brand.


We started by developing prototypes for testing, looking for the ideal fans to attach to the beer coolers; at the same time that we decided to create the humorous campaign, treating the promotional item as a highly advanced technology.

With the first units ready, we made a teaser in the style of big tech campaigns, with supercloses (tight close ups) and a suspenseful tone announcing the arrival of a technological revolution made in Piauí very soon.

At the launch, we closed partnerships with digital influencers, creating unboxing videos and special consumer-style content. With this dissemination, we transformed the item into an object of desire, creating engagement for a contest on social networks in order to distribute iCooler units to fans of the brand.

When distributing the items, we disclose the reaction of the winners when they receive the products at home.


291% in the growth of interactions on Instagram;

167% increase in Facebook engagement;

99% positive mentions on social networks;

26% of interactions showing interest in acquiring the promotional item;

A local campaign became National Trending Topic on Twitter.

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