Cannes Lions


TBWA\ISTANBUL, Istanbul / IKEA / 2010

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We wanted to deliver the message that whatever you buy from IKEA is functional.

We designed 30 paper-patterns for different objects. These easy-to-make templates were given for free with every purchase.

Customers only had to put the template on a flat pack, cut through the marked points, fold and glue. They would have their brand new IKEA paper products.We anticipated that these products would become very popular among current IKEA customers who would then spread the word.


During a 2 week period, more than 1000 paper-patterns were placed next to cash registers.

The initial demand exceeded our expectations. We were out of stock in the first week. So we printed 500 more paper-patterns and extended the campaign period to 3 weeks.

People painted and customised their paper objects with many different colours and patterns. These objects were even exhibited in people’s blogs, websites and Facebook accounts.

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