Cannes Lions

IKEA Da Capo

BACON, Copenhagen / IKEA / 2018

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This film is about not forgetting our old people that lives alone. We meet a man in his flat as he is wrapping up a present. Into a bag he puts shiny shoes, the present and a viny record and leaves. He travels by bus through the city and arrives at a nursing home. He enters the lounge where old people are relaxing and approaches an absent looking lady in her 70's, his mother. He hands her the present and she accepts it with a smile, not recognizing her son. The man then puts on the record and appears again in shiny shoes asking for his mother's hand. There's life again in her eyes, she rises and they dance away to Bowie tune "Let's Dance". On the coffee table we see the unwrapped present: an IKEA-framed photo of a young mom and kid dancing in ballroom clothes.

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