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Flame is a well-recognised analogy for inflammation, so we chose a way of showing no flame as our starting point. With no inflammation life gets better and, with Inflectra, many lives have improved. So, we took the small idea of an extinguished, burnt match symbolising the disease under control, and brought the unburnt portion to life to create a bigger idea – the large numbers of people who can enjoy a normal life with activities resumed.


Working from the original concept, we incorporated wood, flame and other elements of the ad into all promotional items. We used wood texture as a graphical device. For the video, even at the storyboard stage we included specific details to show that we wanted a meticulously crafted sequence of images. We filmed matches in microscopic detail and manipulated images for both aesthetic and dramatic effect. The style and quality of animation was also crucial because it would be the link between photographic imagery at the beginning and end of the video. The animation had to be seen as a continuation of the film as if the entirety was shot in one take. All the elements of the campaign were revisited to ensure consistency and we prepared a library of alternative images with the same look and feel, to suit specific regulatory, cultural or marketing needs of local countries.


This globally-developed campaign was adapted and rolled-out globally in over 85 countries. The campaign created massive impact and engagement at global medical congresses: over 5000 attendees at ECCO 2018 and over 13,000 from 118 countries at, or online, to UEGW 2017.

A positive trend in sales has been reported but no concrete data points are available.

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