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MOVISTAR+, Madrid / MOVISTAR / 2018

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In 1989 Michael Robinson won the European Cupwith Liverpool, his beloved team.

Today, he is the hostof the Robinson Report,a program that celebrates sports stories

that go beyond victory and defeat.

So to celebrate its 10th anniversary we're launching:


Michael Robinson took the first step.

He covered the distance between the stadiums of Liverpool and Everton.

He put on the shirt

of his eternal rival... Because without Everton,Liverpool wouldn't be Liverpool.

And he challenged other sports stars and communicators to do the same.


The initiative included a audiovisual piece to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Robinson Report and the placement was the social media and our platform.


20,000 tweets.

Over 100,000 interactions.

Over 2,000,000 plays.

3 million printouts.

8 million hits.

71% positive and 0% negative.

With an investment return of 250,000 euros.

Many media opened a debate on rivalry.

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