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Intel: Old PC Can't Open the New World


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Warcraft was THE most anticipated movie of 2016 in China. Warcraft is a story of escape from an old world to a new world, perfectly embodying Intel’s message. And half the worldwide Warcraft fan base lives in China.

We made Intel the enabler behind the best Warcraft experiences imaginable. We forged an integrated entertainment partnership with Legendary Pictures, the movie’s distributor, to use the film, its characters and animation style in original social digital content and designed experiential events to complement the movie’s release and showcase Intel at its best.


Digital video content: shot by one of China’s hottest directors and packed with Hollywood-designed special effects. It featured Intel’s China brand ambassador on a journey with Warcraft’s star character, Orgrim, and ended on the characters smashing an old computer to bits. Paid media extended reach across all online search results for the film.

Experiential: To target non-Warcraft fans, an exhibition in one of Beijing’s trendiest shopping centers ran the week before the movie’s opening night. Virtual reality games showed Intel’s premier technology and visitors snapped selfies with a 3 metre tall Orgrim smashing an old PC with his Doomhammer.

eCommerce: We partnered with Tmall, China’s largest e-commerce platform, to create a 3D augmented reality ad.

Instore: A 2-month, 50-stop roadshow took our message to brick-and-mortar retail outlets to drive conversion instore.


Our campaign was exposed to over 80 million people on social media, and our digital video gained over 10 million views. The Beijing experiential exhibition saw over 32,000 visitors in 6 days.

To ensure consumers connected the activity with Intel, we tracked mentions of Intel on social accounts and recorded 80.2 million impressions during May and June 2016.

This drove intent to upgrade their PC. Quantitative research measured intent to upgrade among people exposed vs not exposed to the campaign. Against our KPI of a 6% increase in intent to refresh their PC, we scored a 12% intent level (from 39% to 51% intent).

Against our business objective to turn around the declining PC market with ANY positive signs of growth, we saw an 8.1% increase in PC sales in the 4 months after, compared to the previous 5 months (which included the peak Chinese New Year sales season).

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