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VML, Montevideo / FUPIER / 2024

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Situation: Despite being featured in the news, the issue of rare diseases remained largely unnoticed. The stories didn't resonate with the public as needed, and a fresh approach was necessary to make this news instantly shareable and prevent it from being sidelined.

Brief: The task was to create a campaign that could bring 'invisible' diseases into the spotlight, using the power of media and creativity to generate PR without additional resources. The campaign needed to be adaptable, capable of being replicated and reused in other countries to maximize its impact.

Objectives: The main objective was to shine a light on the often-ignored issue of rare diseases, raising national and potentially international awareness. Despite limited resources, the campaign aimed to generate significant buzz and PR around the issue, attracting the attention of medical research institutions and prompting broader societal action.


We altered the code of leading digital news platforms to make the text invisible until users selected it. The "Invisible News" campaign created an interactive experience that showed the 'invisible' struggle of those suffering from rare diseases, conditions born from changes in their genetic code.


Insight: News about rare diseases wasn't making progress. These 'invisible' conditions, and those battling them, were largely unnoticed.

Key Message: Rare diseases deserve our attention and action.

Target Audience: Our primary target was policy influencers and the general public.

Creation and Distribution of Assets: The campaign's cornerstone was the modified digital code that rendered news text invisible until interacted with. This was deployed across major Uruguayan digital newspapers. We harnessed these platforms' existing infrastructure for wide-scale distribution.

We also created promotional materials for local influencers, journalists, and similar LATAM organizations. These assets, including campaign information and interaction instructions, helped spread the word and sustain momentum post-launch.


Implementation: The campaign was executed through major digital newspapers in Uruguay. We altered the code of these sites, rendering the text invisible until selected by readers.

Timeline: The campaign was launched prior to February 29th, the International Day of Rare Diseases, for maximum relevance and impact. Following the launch, it was shared with local influencers, journalists, and similar organizations across LATAM to maintain momentum.

Placement: The campaign was strategically placed on leading news digital platforms, utilizing their extensive reach to effectively disseminate our message.

Scale: The campaign achieved nationwide scale immediately upon launch, thanks to its strategic placement and the buzz generated on social media. The "Invisible News" made it to TV's prime time. On March 1st, the minister of Public Health acknowledged the need for a special program for rare diseases within the national health ministry, marking a significant milestone for the campaign.


Reach: The campaign achieved nationwide scale immediately upon launch, thanks to its strategic placement and the buzz generated on social media. It also received prime time coverage on TV.

Engagement: The campaign quickly went viral, with news stories widely shared on social media. Influencers amplified this engagement, sharing their reactions and encouraging followers to interact with the campaign.

Impact: The campaign sparked a nationwide conversation about rare diseases. More parents approached FUPIER seeking help and information about diagnosing their children's conditions.

Sales: While the campaign was not directly tied to sales, it resulted in significant PR for FUPIER, with an estimated media value of over US$ 300,000.

Achievement against Business Targets: The campaign exceeded expectations, achieving its goal of raising awareness about rare diseases and prompting societal action. It also led to government action, marking a significant milestone for public health in Uruguay.

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