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GREY URUGUAY, Montevideo / FUPIER / 2019

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Most kids with rare diseases don’t know that they suffer them.

They’re hard to detect. We needed a well-known story to disclose its symptoms and as s result, detect more cases.


The brief was to make a high-impact campaign, well-known; necessary to achieve the goal.


To detect more cases of kids with rare diseases. In a country with a population of 3 million people, 2 cases was a reasonable objective, and we’ve achieved it.


Fernando Morena is Peñarol’s most popular hero. Peñarol is one of the biggest soccer teams in Uruguay.

The girl playing the main role is named Morena after him and suffers from a rare disease.

Based on this, we made a video that tells an unknown story about Morena, as if we were talking about Fernando. Then we revealed that actually we were talking about the little girl, Morena.

It became viral, even fans and players from Nacional (Peñarol’s sworn enemy) shared it.


Target audience was the entire country, literally. Specially parents, who can detect their kids’ symptoms at first hand.

We based the story on our most important finding: the girl was named Morena after Fernando Morena - the greatest glory of all times from Peñarol, one of the biggest soccer teams in Uruguay. We told a story that seemed to be about him, when it actually was about the little girl.

We launched the spot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #LaHistoriaQueNoConociasDeMorena (#TheUnknownStoryOfMorena)


We launched a video telling an unknown story about Morena. As if we were talking about Fernando.

We then revealed that the story was actually about the little girl, named Morena.

The video was launched on Facebook and #SoyHinchaDeMorena (#ImFanOfMorena) became trending topic that same day. All Uruguayan soccer community, along with people from culture and entertainment joined the conversation.


We became trending topic on the same day of the launch.

Social media shares record for the brand.

We also achieved something even greater. After becoming viral 2 more rare diseases cases were detected, one of the campaign’s key objectives.

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