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Islanded with Beats

WMcCANN, Sao Paulo / ABINBEV / 2021

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For the first time since 1912, Brazil's biggest popular party didn't parade on the streets across the country. With most of the cities in lockdown, the party was canceled at the last minute possible, letting youngsters and brands (and even TV networks) with nothing on the schedule. As the Carnival holiday is one of the most significant consumption moments in the year, we couldn't let it pass ignored. Especially for Beats which is a brand active and present at the parties and moments of enjoyment of its consumers. So, if our youngsters couldn't go out to the streets, our mission was to bring the party feeling of the carnival holidays to their homes.


We created Instagram's first reality show using all the platform's potential to catch the attention and keep entertained Brazilian youngsters during the canceled carnival holidays. We brought to an isolated island the most prominent Brazilian pop star - Anitta - plus 11 friends to enjoy the carnival holiday with friends. They partied, flirted, had fun, and were challenged in interactive games and competitions between them. Unlike traditional reality shows, we hacked the passive format and used the platform tools like polls and question boxes to deliver a closer experience to our fans, allowing them to feel part of what's going over there. There weren't long live streams or accurate edits of the best moments over there. There weren't scripts. There were three days of live content, and real-time interaction turned into hours of content and hundreds of posts and comments on Instagram.


The strategy was simple: to cause buzz on social networks with engaging content capable of bringing the "carnival-party-mood" to our isolated fans. With most of the Brazilian cities in lockdown, Carnival parades and parties were canceled at the last minute. Simultaneously, with no carnival programming, our youngsters were addicted to the BBB, the leader reality show in Brazil. At the moment, the discussion on the social networks was about it going wrong with our target dissatisfied with the way it was taking. So, we decided to transform the carnival holiday into a reality show, creating our own on an island and led by Anitta. We started ours with a younger language, Instagram-based format with live content for real, lots of interaction, and totally open and shareable. During the campaign, fans could interact with real-time content via our publications on Instagram in non-linear storytelling based on stories, reels, and InstagramTV.



The campaign started creating buzz with Anitta's tweets teasing Brazil's most famous reality show announcing she would make her own with Beats. From then on, fans and media got mobilized to discover news of the new show. (meanwhile, Anitta and her guests got isolated and tested for covid). As soon as Anitta and her guests stepped on the remote island, we covered all the activities LIVE on Instagram. Three days with real-time interaction and more than 30 hours of content in a multi-format and non-linear coverage using stories, reels, feed, and InstagramTV. During the first days, fans could influence what's going on there through comments and question boxes. After this, we used the unseen material to create content that lasted for more 12 days. All the parties, flirting, kisses, and games that happened there were edited and packed into five episodes to be watched on-demand.


In the first 3 days of the show, Beats's profile on Instagram got more than 1.3 million new followers, standing for more than 17 crowded sambadromes during the carnival. - Reach: 156,5MM - Engagement: 5.9MM - Impact: The first episode got 2MM views in less than 12 hours (organic!); Our 3 first episodes got more than 6.5MM views. 197K mentions with 89% health; 4x Trending Topics in 3 days on Twitter (organic!), overpassing "Big Brother Brasil" - the biggest Brazilian reality show (Globo TV) – one of the biggest Brazilian TV Shows since 2002; +553MM impressions; We were the first Brazilian brand to use Clubhouse daily sessions in a campaign—audience spikes of 4K people.Results from digital influencers agency: 56.6MM impressions; 35MM reach, 4.6MM interactions.

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