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VENABLES BELL & PARTNERS, San Francisco / AUDI / 2014

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This wasn’t just another Audi spot. It was a celebration of Audi’s success over 100 years. So, the challenge was to mark the launch of this spot in a way that excited employees at Audi of America, and renewed the internal spirit of a brand with a rich and storied history.


The poem we used to narrate the spot, "It Couldn't Be Done," has a very child-like quality to it, so we decide to turn it into an illustrated children's book. On each page of the book there's a stanza from the poem along with a illustration that represents a piece of Audi's history relating to that stanza. At the back of the book is a dedication to Audi. The hardbound book was printed and waiting on the desks of 600 Audi employees, including the dealer network, on the day of the launch.


The book was a huge success at Audi. Many more copies have been requested by the organization, individual employees and also dealers. But the love for the book extended even beyond Audi of America, as a few employees shared their books with costumers who were facing adversity in their own lives to serve as a source of inspiration. A few people, after hearing about the book, even reached out to the agency for copies because they were so touched by the message.

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