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It's A Sin

4CREATIVE, London / CHANNEL 4 / 2021

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It’s January 2021 and the UK is glued to its tellies. But, with so many shows to choose from, we had to cut through to put Channel 4’s new drama, from acclaimed writer Russell T Davies, at the top of everyone’s watch list.

It’s A Sin is an untold story of the AIDs crisis, but also a joyful tale of friendship and love. So after a gloomy year, we wanted to take the public back to the vibrant world of the 80s.

We also knew that our fans would be craving a safe space to talk about the show and it’s hard-hitting themes, so we used a range digital platforms to delve deeper into the story, and how it was created, whilst also promoting HIV awareness.


We used our digital platforms and partnerships with the Gay Times and Spotify to share exclusive BTS.

On instagram, we recreated the @PinkPalace and used it to raise awareness about HIV testing, which resulted in a four-fold increase in tests ordered.

An after show series, created for social and All 4, created a safe space and fuelled conversations around the show long after the credits rolled.


With a modest 15k production budget, we were able to recycle archival assets, re-work clips from the show and align with departments across the channel to deliver an immersive and nostalgic on air campaign for the launch of It’s A Sin.

The 80s takeover day hit the rewind button and recreated the Channel 4 viewing experience for the launch of It’s A Sin.

We aired vintage Channel 4 idents, handpicked from the archive, and created a throwback trailer for the show inspired by all those classic 80s movies tropes.

From original Channel 4 end boards to continuity announcements, delivered in a polished RP accent, and the revival of our classic old school logo, each and every detail evoked the era whilst capturing the joyful spirit at the heart of the story.



Across paid and organic social channels and All 4 - Channel 4’s digital streaming platform.


Dec 2020 – Present


The campaign broke all records at Channel 4:

It was the channel’s most binged new series ever.

The social content alone reached over 4 million people in the opening week.

Making episode 1 All 4’s most popular drama launch to date.

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