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Jeep 4 x 4

F.BIZ, Sao Paulo / JEEP / 2018

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Advertisement, regardless online or offline, if they don’t catch your attention

within seconds they are considered failed. It takes something truly creative to

make people pay attention, and stand out of the crowd.

To raise this perception and make Jeep an increasingly authentic and

recognized brand for its off-road attitude, we wanted to celebrate this very

special day in a simple and impactful way.

What if we could use elements of the newspaper itself to communicate this

concept in a super innovative way?


We changed the newspaper design, replacing the "4/4" date format with 4x4. A

front-page ad drew the reader’s attention to the fact and in each new section we

reinforced the message.

An ad on the cover of the newspaper drew readers attention to something

unusual. And in each change of the section, a stamp reinforced the message.


On April 4, approximately 397.000 people were reached throughout Brazil. And

in digital media, we also impacted the Estadão and Jornal do Carro digital

readers, changing the date of the news.

? 321.000 people reached,

? 2.8 million impacts,

? 7.200 visits to the websites

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