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Jeep Offline Site

F.BIZ, Sao Paulo / JEEP / 2018

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Experiencing the off-road spirit is not easy. But with a little help from a

Web page that solves your doubts without an Internet connection, it’s far

less difficult. Jeep Offline Site is an exclusive digital platform that

provides an innovative brand experience for our consumers’ adventures:

a real-time access to survival tips even on the most inhospitable places in

the world.


To implement Jeep Offline Site, we added a Javascript snippet to Jeep’s

Web page that detects if the user is offline and displays our exclusive

content over the regular Web page.

We also used Google Tag Manager to insert the script, besides caching

technology to load the content only once.

On the Jeep Offline Site launch, we created a media strategy with

YouTube films, geolocated posts and Waze’s impact formats.


More than creating a Web page, we are using the lack of Internet

connection to create an even bigger interaction with Jeep’s audience. The

offline service for off-road trips brought an extremely positive outcome.

Both on people’s social media profiles and on the brand’s digital

channels, the comments show a real change in Jeep’s reputation: the

fans’ appreciation for the brand’s innovative initiative.

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