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LOVE., Manchester / DIAGEO / 2013

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Whisky knowledge is a rare commodity in China, and is rooted more in sensory experience than in learned facts. The whisky drinker discovers complex layers over time, and so the House mirrors this organic journey of discovery. Provenance, the blender’s art, and the vibrant Johnnie Walker story are woven into the fabric of the space, creating an immersive experience.


Johnnie Walker House Beijing, which launched in December 2012, is Johnnie Walker’s second brand home in China. Situated close to Tiananmen Square, it is four times bigger than its sister in Shanghai; a statement of intent of Diageo’s ambitions in Asia.

From the peat and barley walls to the precise 24° angle of the flooring, each detail reflects an element of whisky. The experience is amplified by installations, like the whisky constellation, which uses sculptural form to convey complex flavour information. Exploration is encouraged, sparing guests the traditional tour and instead engaging them in an authentic whisky conversation.

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