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DIGITAS, México D.F. / PEPSICO / 2022

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The pandemic changed everything in the world, including the habits of our consumers. More than 80% adopted new digital shopping habits, accelerating the activation of all brand channels. And within this new reality, 75% changed their favorite brand, and more than 60% started buying generic brands.

Our traditional promotions were beginning to show signs of wear and tear and gaining loyalty was becoming more and more difficult. With such changes in their buying habits, their expectations of brands have also risen.

Our fans expect experiences inspired by what moves them. And to remain relevant to them, we needed to reinvent what previously attracted them and made them loyal.

We needed to evolve from isolated promotions to a consumer engagement platform.


We created Joy. A digital platform that activates a consumer engagement model, based on 1st party data and fed by our promotions, to boost the loyalty of our consumers through personalized experiences and exclusive content.


We established three simple steps that would help us consolidate a community that would bring our platform to life.

First, we attracted our captive users by helping them migrate from an individual promo format to a loyalty platform. Once registered, the same community would help us generate noise to bring more people. Taking advantage of the dynamics of the promos and a vision of gamification that would keep them hooked on content and rewards.

Finally, to ensure constant learning and uninterrupted evolution of Joy, we base ourselves on the data generated in the first months on the air, to make decisions in subsequent activations and campaigns. As types of rewards and content licenses or exclusive developments derived from our audiences' interests in their interactions with the platform.


Through a unique combination of data, technology, and a lot of creativity, Joy allows knowing each person better. Identifying the brands, content, and territories with which it connects best to outline rewards and offer value experiences of our brands.

We used the strength of our promotions so that the user accumulates points by redeeming tickets or codes. In addition to the interaction within the platform with games and surveys that allow us to delve deeper into their interests.

Their points grant access to physical and digital rewards including exclusive content and personalized experiences co-created with the most relevant platforms and entertainment media for our audiences.

It even takes full advantage of technology to mix the physical and virtual worlds and invites you to explore the streets to find “Digi-Joys”, digital tokens that give access to more rewards.


In the first year of its launch, Joy became the meeting point for the vibrant Pepsico community. We managed to double our goal of 1 million registrations on the platform, reaching more than 2.2 million Joy users.

We activated more than 12 promotions from different brands, which generated more than 7.4 million redeemed codes in different formats.

The interaction within the platform helped us consolidate our users' loyalty, keeping 49% of active users (vs. 40% target). Each brand offered different games that generated more than 13 million gaming sessions. In addition to participating in surveys that allowed us to get to know them better and for which they received points.

Until now, more than 213 million points have been used, which have been used in more than 296 thousand physical and digital rewards.

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