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How does a large CPG business harness the energy, agility and imagination that is the lifeblood of the tech sector? And how do they do it in a way that allows each side to learn from each other, so the tech companies get to use their innovation and ingenuity to solve real world business issues for one of the world's largest consumer goods companies?Welcome to PepsiCo 10. An incubator programme that gives digital media technology start-ups the chance to accelerate their business by partnering with a PepsiCo brand and, in turn, helps PepsiCo make its marketing communications more effective.PepsiCo 10 is entering its third year in 2012. Having run in the US in 2010 and across Europe in 2011, it is now being rolled out to both Brazil and India in 2012.


Each PepsiCo 10 programme has 2 phases:1. Start-up recruitment: encourage qualifying start-ups to enterA campaign is designed and implemented to target the digital technology and entrepreneur community. Its aim is to generate awareness and advocacy, and encourage them to seek out further details at www.pepsico10.comIt includes a programme of outreach to bloggers, commentators, intermediaries and government entrepreneurship bodies, as well as a PR campaign targeting relevant vertical and mainstream business media.

There is no paid-for media.

2. Selection Process: a judging process that provides constructive feedback There is a 5 stage selection process.

The rationale for decisions and constructive feedback is shared with the start-ups at each stage.PepsiCo marketers are involved at 2 selection stages in sessions moderated by the partner agency.

Specialist judges join the partner agency and client at these stages. In 2011 judges from Wired, Mashable and Highland Capital Partners contributed.


For each winning technology a pilot is created and integrated into a brand’s business plans.

We have created 20 pilots so far, covering all areas of the business including distribution, NPD, sales and marketing.Walkers crisps partnered the Roamler mobile workforce to check the in-store fixtures for the What’s that Flavour promotion.

Slingshot Shopping is now embedded on the Doritos UK Facebook page allowing the 307,294 fans to add Doritos directly to their Tesco shopping basket.Additionally, not only have the start-ups improved the effectiveness of PepsiCo brands in marketing and beyond, but they have also been given the opportunity to give their ideas the scale needed to generate new business and raise investment. For example, winner Aislebuyer, has raised $11.5m in financing and has recently been acquired by Intuit for a reported $100m.

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