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For 182 days, Expo 2020 is hosting the world. 192 countries are participating and all 192 each have individual pavilions. This is a first. Whether you come from Albania, Bahrain, Colombia or Kyrgyzstan, you will find your own pavilion in Dubai showing your country’s culture for the world to see.

KFC values are perfectly aligned with the Expo 2020 mindset - it is all about embracing everyone's differences. A perfect opportunity for some brand building.

Unfortunately for KFC, the official sponsor for Expo 2020 is Domino’s pizza.

So how could we steal some of this attention and conversations around Expo 2020 and leverage this special moment to show KFC’s true colours?

Well, it turns out that Domino only exists in 83 countries.

Meanwhile, KFC is actually in Albania, Bahrain, Colombia and Kyrgyzstan and over 145 countries around the world.

Here’s how we captured this inclusive spirit in our design.


KFC is one of the most localized brands in the world.

In Canada, it is called PFK for “Poulet Frit Kentucky”, in Japan a famous saying is "Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!" ("Kentucky for Christmas!"), in Xinjiang China, KFC is popular for circumcision parties with their local Chi Chi mascot.

What we wanted to do is celebrate all those local cultures and idiosyncrasies and how KFC is deeply connected to each unique culture.

But how would we tie it back to KFC? By leveraging its most ubiquitous icon: the Bucket. Introducing the “Here, we say” campaign - a design-led campaign where each artwork gives a different design iteration of the famous KFC BUCKET based on one country's unique culture, showing also what they call KFC in their market.

Each artwork explored the local spin that people give to KFC - making it instantly recognizable by their compatriots.


We decided to bring the idea to life in a way that celebrates the diversity of visual cultures present at the Expo 2020.

To personalize it even more, KFC decided to speak many languages at once.

The universally recognized bucket was customized to each country’s culture.

By utilizing emblematic patterns, endemic textures, and local designs of different countries; the campaign highlighted the deep-rooted connection that KFC has with local cultures around the globe. KFC is a word that simply means 'fried chicken'. Anywhere. Everywhere.

The development of this glocal design language unlocked a powerful message.

By bringing all these styles and cultures together, the campaign gave out the image of a brand that is modern, diverse and truly inclusive. One that supports a world where we are all equal and where we can all share a bucket together.


We crafted dozens of executions - each representing a unique country’s culture and turned it into a toolkit that all could download and use.

The visuals welcomed visitors from around the world as they made their way to Expo 2020 Dubai, the world's biggest expo in history.

The billboards, posters, digital screens, buses and metro stations connected uniquely with each nationality and the artworks were amplified on our KFC Arabia channels and our 665,000 followers.

The popularity of the global buckets keeps growing and being shared not just on social channels but even dark social like What’sApp groups.

The sentiment around the campaign is 100% positive and even more funnily, our social media community managers keep getting requests to produce new artworks, one came from Myanmar while two Indian UAE residents asked for custom posters to be made for their specific states in India.

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