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King of Fears

CAA MARKETING, Los Angeles / AB INBEV / 2017






Worldwide, beer sales are traditionally down in October. We helped Budweiser identify Halloween as an occasion with great global growth potential. Markets across the world activate Halloween as a small and tactical trade program with little ambition, but no brand owned Halloween in the beer space. This insight was an opportunity for Budweiser to own Halloween worldwide.

Budweiser originated two new rituals to introduce in October: a new iconic Halloween mask modeled after the Budweiser Clydesdale, and a modified version of Budweiser – a red beer – known as "Bloodweiser."

Our task was to create a movement among consumers to reclaim Halloween as a time to dress up, go on bar crawls with friends, and drink beer. The objective was to drive sales and build brand equity, making Budweiser Halloween’s “undisputed King of Beers.”


This film captures a spontaneous happening erupting around a city, culminating in the ritualistic arrival of a new being. The story takes place over a single timeless night, stretching from dusk until dawn.

People all around this city, from a range of cultural backgrounds, as if under the same spell, don personalized horse masks and venture out into the night. They are not a mindless army. Their identities not only endure but are enhanced. Their true natures unleash; the animal within allowed to run wild. There are no rules. Some coalesce into unique celebrations, while others flock to a central place.

In the end, we see the emergence of one’s true self, depicted metaphorically as a noble creature consisting of a man’s body and the powerful neck and head of the iconic Clydesdale.


We launched a three week, proximity based, 360-degree campaign partnering with China to introduce the global program. This initiative included a signature event in China and pop-up bars in 12 cities. The music video content and cutdowns aired throughout China and at bars, KTVs, and in cinemas. Assets from the video were used in OOH and retail to drive sales. The events then spread to Chile and Russia, widening Budweiser’s consideration in emerging markets.

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