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The fast food category has always focused on kid’s meals. But on January 25th 2017, BURGER KING® launched in partnership with NGO Projeto Velho Amigo, the very first meal box for seniors: KING SENIOR™. Sold only to seniors aged 70 and over, its main goal was to help seniors socialize more. And Burger King® used the contents of the box to do that: one WHOPPER® combo for the senior and another free one for whoever went to BK® with them. And since every meal box comes with a gift, this one had one too: company. Because no senior should be alone.


On January 18th, we launched the first release for the King Senior, generating a lot of buzz and curiosity about the new menu item and on January 25th, in partnership with NGO Projeto Velho Amigo, the King Senior was launched for a limited time in all Burger King restaurants in Brazil. 100 boxes were given to every Burger King restaurant nationwide.

We invited everyone to bring their grandparents or family member to Burger King and on the launch day, we captured people’s reactions to the King Senior and turned it into an online film, launched on Burger King’s Facebook page. Packed with heartwarming moments and a little humor, the film touched a lot of hearts and sparked a conversation about the importance of spending time with a senior family member, with people sharing their own experiences and will to take their grandparents to BK for a meal.


In total, the campaign had 500 million impressions and the digital film had more than 3.8 million views, more than half organic. It also generated 93% of positive social sentiment and after its launch, Burger King gained more than 152K new fans. But more importantly, 100% seniors felt welcomed at Burger King, a restaurant most of them had never been before. Above all, the King Senior fulfilled its objective to bring a light to the isolation problem of seniors in Brazil and brought their family members and friends closer to them, even if it’s just for a meal. All boxes were sold out and all profits from the King Senior were donated to the NGO Projeto Velho Amigo, to help them continue to look after and provide for all seniors in need.

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