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Kiss and Drink

LEO BURNETT , Taipei / MCDONALD'S / 2020

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Since the ice beverage industry prospers in Taiwan, the usage of plastic straw is up to 3 billion per year and it is harmful to the environment. In 2008, plastic straw ranked No.1 in marine debris in Taiwan. As a fast-food industry leader, with a large waste of straw every year. McDonald’s decided to start by reducing the usage of plastic straw to protect the environment. Consumers in Taiwan need an easy solution, so we took the challenge to make an impact on the society, specifically, urging people to start reducing the usage of plastic straw to protect our planet.


Creative idea: Use kissing lips to display the behavior of drinking straight from cup lid and encourage people to give up plastic straws. The idea KISS AND DRINK is not only cute, intuitive, and easy to remember, but it’s also a symbol of people’s caring for earth and the environment.


Strategy: While consumer behavior is hard to change, we choose to change the cup lid design. We remove the hole that the straw pokes into, and add a design where consumers can drink straight from, which makes giving up plastic straws easy and doable in daily life.


TA: Our target audience is McDonald's users. We hope to get them to change their behavior of using plastic straws.


Creative Process: We promoted KISS AND DRINK on the Earth Day by launching a Facebook Frame and used in-store posters and POSM to further communicate this concept. A sticker was also placed on straw dispensers with a message that said “Time to say GOODBYE! Straw.” - a fun and interactive way to announce that McDonald’s Taiwan would stop serving straws and that a newly designed lid were available for people to drink straight from the lid.

Communication:We found that consumers in Taiwan like to apply frames to their profile pictures on Facebook to express their political opinions or social values. McDonald’s Taiwan leveraged this finding and launched a Facebook Frame on Earth Day to help people advocate their attitude for plastic pollution.

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