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ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / KISS FM / 2014

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The Endorcism was presented in a film, where a young man possessed by the spirit of bad music; meets the “Endorcist”, a guitarist who uses riffs to bring rock back.

We also created a webgame using Html5+Nose.js technology to communicate between smartphones and the site. Users could play riffs on the screens of their cell phones and help bring rock back to the main character on the computer.

According to the performance players accumulate points and rise up the endorcist ranks, going from simple apprentices to master endorcists. They could also share their score on social networks and challenge friends.


Both the campaign and the webgame were hits among rock lovers.

According to a study by BrandMagz, the campaign was the third most viral on social networks during its launch week, racking up 28.2 thousand shares in 24 hours.

The number of visitors to KissFM’s site went up 22%, its fanpage on Facebook reach the mark of 700k fans, the number of subscribers to its Youtube page went up 77% and KissFM got 26 thousand new followers on Twitter.

Thousands of souls were saved, and rock won out.

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