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You are what you post online. 68% of people agree social media allows them to present their personal identity in a positive light. Empathy via social media (or publicly showing interest in empathetic causes), was the insight for our idea. From this, we created meaningful stories to illustrate Kleenex© as a “gesture of care” and identified audiences predisposed to positive content and likely to share. Aligning with cultural events, we launched our videos in a timely, meaningful manner on Facebook. For instance, our consumer might have seen a video in feed right when she had a big life milestone, be it a relationship change, or up late caring for her child. Our “Love Prevails” video, for example, was a beautifully shot narrative of a gay couple finally getting married right when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. These stories dynamically triggered a good cry, always at the right time.


Together with Facebook, we developed 26 short, documentary-style videos telling feel-good stories of real people across the nation performing meaningful “gestures of care.” Through our partnership, we gained exclusive access to aggregated mood data. We initially identified nine specific moments of receptivity as prime opportunities to serve up “gestures of care.” These moments – when stories were delivered to their newsfeeds – were identified based on a variety of inputs such as demographics, stated interests, and day-parting. They included “Mom moments” (e.g. ‘new moms, up late at night’) and Millennial moments (e.g. ‘newly engaged’). We used data-driven insights, coupled with Facebook’s robust targeting features to deliver content straight to the place they were already going to “share” it.

Those exposed to videos in their newsfeed were re-targeted on Facebook with promoted posts, driving them to a “buy now” or coupon offer. Beyond Facebook, we used paid search to capitalize on


We achieved a trifecta of amazing results:

- Business: In the first five months (June-Oct), market share was 51.4%, up +2.1 points vs. 1 year ago and a 4.2% increase in incremental buyers to the Kleenex© brand.

- Digital/Social: January 2015-March 2016, 26 videos achieved 266MM+ in reach and over 180MM views across Facebook and YouTube. Site traffic increased significantly YAG (+119%). 22k+ coupon prints from the website with coupon prints and shares continuing to rise. Retargeting contributed to a 582k lift in traffic to the landing page.

- Press: A couple of highlights from the content: We hit the #1 spot on the AdAge Viral Video chart on 7/30/15 and we're listed in AdWeek's top 10 most viral videos of 2015 on 11/19/15. On 9/25/15, The Today Show picked up a story, as did other news outlets.

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