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Kohl’s “Home Together” for #AllTogetherNow Holiday campaign

HUGE, New York / KOHL'S / 2016

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There’s no shortage of things that separate people these days. During the holidays, retailer Kohl’s wanted to focus on the things that bring modern families together: love and traditions. We used our social channels to connect and reconnect all kinds of families—not just in social, but in real life, too. We engaged our audience through reunion and traditions stories, digital conversation starters to reignite contact, we even asked our followers who they wanted to spend the holidays with, and then sent a handful plane tickets to reconnect them with their family for the holidays. Some families you’re born into, some families you make. We brought them #AllTogetherNow for the holidays, changing the conversation about Kohl’s, making it more human and heartfelt.


In November, we launched a social video that told the powerful story of Kohl’s reuniting a boy with his birth mom, encouraging users to share who they wished to be reunited with over the holidays. Kohl’s chose five compelling submissions and surprised the winners with trips to see their loved ones, resulting in shareable content from the winners’ visits across social networks.


#AllTogetherNow garnered 544MM+ impressions, most of which were earned by users sharing Kohl’s content

Users engaged with #AllTogetherNow content 47MM+ times, with the Holiday videos amongst the top viewed videos across every Kohl's channel and generating up to 20x more comments than average

Conversation around the brand shifted from value to emotion with users sharing 20K+ intimate, meaningful tradition and reunion stories

Twitter Sponsored Trend and Moment amplified the shift in brand perception, generating 3x more new followers, 2x more mentions than the daily average and over 2.3MM video views

Kohl’s owned SOV against its competitors in the lead-up to Christmas (66%)

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