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Korama - The Prototype That Wasn't

DDB, Sydney / VOLKSWAGEN / 2017


1 Shortlisted Cannes Lions
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Research suggested that our audience; true performance enthusiasts, are extremely active on popular motoring blogs, websites and social media pages. They are the type of people who pride themselves on staying up-to-date with the latest the motoring world has to offer.

Now, with our audience narrowed down, we wanted to excite them with news of a mystery prototype vehicle, launched by an unnamed manufacturer. If we could get our audience talking and debating, news and excitement would spread across these platforms organically.

And once we had them engaged, we would have access to cookies and would be able to DIRECTLY retarget. We would reveal that the mystery prototype is actually a Volkswagen Amarok V6 in disguise, then push a call to action that encouraged a test drive of the real thing.


We built a completely new shell for the Amarok V6 that made it look as aggressive as the V6 engine that powered it.

Leaking the prototype

Next we went to where the rev-heads were and directly targeted them by leaking spy shots of the mystery prototype to popular motoring blogs and websites, creating excitement and debate.

Testing the prototype

Then, posing as an anonymous vehicle manufacturer, we recruited and filmed Australian performance enthusiasts putting the prototype through its paces. With no brand preconceptions holding them back, the drivers were amazed by its raw power.

Revealing the prototype

Now, with our audience actively engaged in the debate across various platforms, we were able to retarget them directly. We changed the conversation from a powerful prototype, to the powerful new Amarok V6, and pushed a call to action that encouraged our audience to test drive the raw power themselves.


The V6 model made up 38% of the Amarok sales in the first month alone, and has been breaking sales records every month since. But more importantly, we got Australians to acknowledge the power and performance delivered by this European pick-up.

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