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N=5, Amsterdam / KPN / 2016

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The only thing that youngsters do these days, is watch weird video’s online. That’s why we created our own weird online videos, banners and pre-rolls. Telling them to apply for a job as “future problem solver”. A rather weird job title.


The videos were seeded on popular blogs and video sites amongst the target group. The videos were also shown as video-banners and pre-rolls. Once someone had visited the job application site, but did not send in their resume, they would be retargeted with a film. This film shows a desperately crying man begging them to come back and telling them that they would also get a company car. People were retargeted once.


The campaign had to be taken offline after only one week, because KPN could not handle the amount of applications. More than a thousand resumes were uploaded. Since the quality of the response was extremely high, KPN decided to hire more than the original planned 200 engineers.

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