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For decades PETRONAS; a Malaysian oil & gas company, has been working on sustainable energy solutions in India. However, brand awareness remains low. Fortunately, PETRONAS hosts annual summits in India to maintain a good relationship with India’s host government, policymakers and stakeholders from the energy sector. 2019 was a crucial year for it to happen due to:

1. India’s new policies to decrease international partnerships to help local suppliers flourish.

2. Foreign competition.

3. A controversial feud between the Malaysian and Indian Prime Minister, which resulted in a boycott movement in India against the Malaysian Prime Minister.

To expand our business and communicate that PETRONAS is the trusted energy and solutions partner, we came up with initiatives to:

1. Increase brand credibility among business leaders at the summit in India.

2. Create brand awareness among potential B2B customers, key opinion press and media leaders in Mumbai and Delhi.


To show our understanding of the Indian market, we created “Land of Light Bulbs”, a series which highlights the energy that drives India: its spirit of ingenuity. “Land of Light Bulbs” features 4 characters who embody PETRONAS’ sustainable energy solutions. Aman (a mechanic and LPG enthusiast), Shiv (a solar energy expert), Asha (a race car driver), and Javeed, (a specialty chemicals expert).


According to a study by McMurry/TMG, 2017, branded content is a proven marketing strategy in India: (1) 90% of consumers find branded content useful (2) 69% of consumers trust branded content that’s authentic & transparent (3) 68% of consumers read about a brand they discover via branded content.

To cater to the Indian market, we created a 3-part branded series, “Land of Light Bulbs” which:

• Showcased energy solutions: PETRONAS’ energy solutions were embodied by 4 main characters

• Demonstrated an understanding of Indian culture: The film features ‘jugaad’ (frugal innovation)

• Showed partnership between Malaysia & India: The film was a collaboration between directors from Malaysia & India


“Land of Light Bulbs” was premiered to business leaders like host government, policymakers and government stakeholders from the energy sector at the summit in India., before being aired via YouTube and Facebook, from 18 November 2019 to 12 January 2020. The reception venues in Mumbai and Delhi were themed to look like a movie premiere, complete with LED posters and photo props.

To create increased anticipation and encourage shares on social media, we released an episode on YouTube and Facebook every 2 weeks.


“Land of Light Bulbs” was positively received by our target audiences; (1) India’s host government, policymakers and government stakeholders from the energy sector and (2) key opinion press and media leaders in India.

1. Among the business leaders present at the summit (host government, policymakers and government stakeholders from the energy sector): 90% of the survey participants at the summit gave positive feedback for the film and they were inclined to share it with their family and friends. The success from this would help PETRONAS establish even more business ties with India.

2. Among potential B2B customers and key opinion press and media leaders: we captured 43% ad recall and 36% lift in brand awareness

3. Google searches for “PETRONAS” and “PETRONAS Twin Towers” spiked during the campaign period by 60% and 40% respectively.

4. Over 96 million impressions on social media and over 13 million social engagements.

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