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The purpose of the product is to provide hydration for outdoor enthusiasts, by taking existing, durable materials and applying them in a new context.

The Land Rover Bottle Cap was designed to be an extension of the The Land Rover vehicle. Much like the 4x4, it’s for the outdoor enthusiasts.

It is not just an innovative product that helps provide hydration. It also acts as a communication and promotional tool, designed to heighten the affinity for the Land Rover brand. The art direction applied in the brand’s multi-media platforms, has been carried through to the design of the Bottle Cap and its packaging. The tone and visual language expresses Land Rover’s positioning line: Above and beyond.

The design is modeled around an existing product: a peak cap. But the way the function has been repurposed into a hydration device, is completely new.

The main challenge was to create a cap that was water tight as a container, but that still allowed the head to breath when used as a cap. After investigating various cotton fabrics which we sealed with a Teflon coating, we settled on a Polyester Micro Fibre which is waterproof but allows moisture and vapour permeability. The various seams were then heat-sealed and the nozzle sealed with silicone. The filter component is a Triflex Moisture Management fabric that is breathable and quick drying. The logo is printed to limit the additional stitching of embroidery and the peak stiffener is waterproof so that it doesn’t crumble with use.

The Cap has been launched as a promotional tool, with the goal of increasing the scale of production for the purpose of on-going Land Rover expeditions in Africa.

Land Rover has invested in the Land Rover Bottle Cap specifically for the launch, with the aim of further investment in the future.


The Land Rover Bottle Cap is designed to meet 3 objectives:

To provide hydration for outdoor enthusiasts.

To act as a promotional tool for acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Lastly, to be utilized on Land Rover expeditions throughout Africa.

Land Rover will scale the production further for the purpose of promotional campaigns and on-going expeditions. The Bottle Cap is part of promotional merchandise sent out to existing customers and potential ones.

By providing hydration, the Bottle Cap is also designed to influence the adventurous target market to make use of any accessible water.

So far, over 500 caps have been used to promote Land Rovers spirit of adventure. As a result the Land Rover Bottle Cap has had 83% more brand recall than traditional promotional merchandise, because much like a Land Rover, The Land Rover Bottle Cap goes above and beyond.

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