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Las Vegas Flagship Restaurant Interior

TACO BELL, Irvine / TACO BELL / 2017

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From art installations that feel organic to the Las Vegas strip, to lighting fixtures that would feel at home in your favorite bar, we spared no detail. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you would think of when you think of a typical QSR.

From art installations and apparel, to a photo wall that celebrates our fans’ social media shares, to a Chapel Bell Wall that super fans can get married at with a Taco Bell twist. That’s right, you can leave this Taco Bell with a Chalupa, a refreshing beverage, and a wife. This place has everything.


First was the Radiance Lightbox which used light tracing technology to create an illusion that the blend of colors are rippling into a Taco Bell logo and then freezing over.

Second was the Chapel Bell Wall which featured two Taco Bell logo bells next to one another to appear as wedding bells and created a wall paper pattern which incorporated Taco Bell icons with wedding icons- and printed it on a copper wall. This elevated the environment and made it feel premium.

Art installations helped to make the space unique from other locations while stocking it with subtly branded merchandise brought the brand beyond food.

Finally, the “Bazaarvoice wall” let fans share on social media to #TacoBellLV, and we would feature their posts by continually pulling in content to put up on the video wall.



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