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Laundry Against Landfill

ECOVER, Camberley / ECOVER / 2024

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Every time we highlight a problem, from plastic waste to fashion waste, we show a solution. We give people the tools they need to adopt less wasteful lifestyles.

The brief was to inspire and empower behaviour change to reduce their fashion waste. We created the rEcovery workshops in our two biggest markets, UK and Germany, to educate and inspire consumers to ‘wash new life into old clothes’. The aim was to show people how they can lessen their impact – by falling back in love with the clothes they already own, keeping them in use and out of landfill.

The social and experiential activity was aimed at driving brand awareness through culturally relevant work and encouraging consumers to upcycle by destigmatizing pre-loved clothing. It also aimed to drive product conversion and advocacy, showing how Ecover laundry products can help breathe life into old clothes and help reduce plastic waste.


When the future of our planet is on the line, actions speak louder than words.

Ecover's got your back covered by taking their ‘Laundry Against Landfill’ campaign to the heart of East London with The rEcovery Workshop, a three day event beaming with creative ideas to educate, excite and inspire consumers to wash right, wear more and waste less.

Ecover will help you wash, stitch, mend, revive or reimagine your clothes, giving them a cheeky new lease of life and helping save the world one pair of pants at a time. Offering free use of washing machines, offcuts of fabric, cool patches, threads in any colour, and eco-friendly fabric dye to bring your pants back to life. You’ll also be able to attend workshops to get inspired, learning how to repair and reimagine your old pants.

From knickers to neckties – it’s time to fight fashion waste in every wash.


Our overarching strategy was to drive awareness of the issue of fashion waste and to give consumers the information and tools they need to adopt less wasteful lifestyles. We believe in acts, not ads and our aim is to inspire and empower.

We know our audience is concerned about their personal impact on the planet, and that they make mindful choices with brands that give back and help make the world a better place. They are always looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment but struggle to manage competing sources of information.

Therefore, our aim was to create something that was bold and engaging but with a clear focus on giving consumers practical advice and tools so they could choose what worked best for their individual lifestyles.


Campaign timing: September – February 2024


At the rEcovery Workshops in London and Hamburg, consumers could attend an Upcycling Masterclass, meet Upcycling Specialists, donate old clothes that would have gone to landfill, explore materials or patches to repair or transform old garments and refill a bottle of Ecover detergent.


The OOH campaign featured across 208 sites in London for 4 weeks, educating and inspiring consumers to ‘wash right, wear more, waste less’ and to ‘wash new life into old clothes’. The campaign delivered over 60m impressions.


The digital campaign featured 6 different 10 second videos educating consumers on how to wash their clothes right by dosing the detergent right and filling their drum.


Across 66 Sainsbury’s stores, we dramatized the problem of fashion waste with a large pile of clothes and educating consumers to wash right to prevent their clothes from going to landfill.


Behaviour Change

Over 90% of respondents said they had changed their laundry routines, with 67% now washing at colder temperatures.75% changed their behaviour regarding clothing consumption post event, with over 65% buying less new clothes and 50% upcycling aging clothes*.

*Survey of London attendees with approx. 10% response rate.


UK and Germany:

• Journalists from top titles including Glamour, MailOnline, Brigitte, Couch Living at Home, Gala Online

• Over 550 total attendees, over 400 refills


• Over 300% increase in website traffic (compared to pre and post campaign periods).

• CTR of 1.48% on Facebook (benchmark 1.25-1.3%), demonstrating high engagement.

• Amazon DSP campaign delivered 22m impressions and a CTR of 2% vs 1.39% benchmark

• Brand searches on Amazon increasing by 18% compared to the 4 weeks prior.

• Amazon Brand lift study showed a 5% uplift in awareness of Ecover and an 8% uplift in favourability.

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