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MINDSHARE, Gurgaon / PEPSICO / 2011

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Don’t recall when the last time any media agency got in touch with the largest publisher, Broadcasters, International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricketing Boards of 6 Countries and Reuters to get permission to pull the biggest coup in Indian Media.LAY’S partnered with Times of India the leading English daily with 20 Million readers to create a dedicated 20 page branded CWC pull out on the eve of the event i.e. 18th February’2011.The innovation announced LAY’S association of 6 flavours with respected cricketing nations and showcased endorsement in a tactful manner. The team from England was represented as England’s Grilled Cheese, and similarly other cricketing teams were represented as West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli, Sri Lanka’s Sweet Onion Sauce, India’s Magic Masala, Australia’s Cilantro and South Africa’s Peri Peri Chilli.For consumers as well as the media and marketing fraternity it was 6 cricketing nations and their players endorsing national flavours for LAY’S.


- 55 Millions U.S. $ was the notional cost of getting the 6 teams to endorse LAY’S.- ROI of 650% achieved with the innovation.- 55 Million votes received from consumers in 2 month time, surpassing all records.- 33% increase in average daily votes received after 1 day of press innovation.- Everyone in India wondered how LAY’S got permission from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to use these players and teams.- LAY’S owned the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

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