Le Beck's: The legendary beer can

SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / BECK'S / 2018


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Legendary beer brand, BECK’S, has become an integral part of youth society in Germany. For over 145 years BECK’S has been brewing a premium beer with carefully selected ingredients and unequaled taste. The canned beer market has been stagnant over the last few years and suffers from a massive image problem. To solve this and to additionally stand out among competitors we tackled the challenge at the most immediate touchpoint – the can itself.


Based on the path of superior drinking cultures we gave our premium pils the shape it deserves. Introducing LeBECK’S, the pinnacle of beer-can design that changes on-the-go drinking forever. LeBECK’S enhanced the perception of canned-beer from the very first sight. It led to our audience clinking beer where beer was never been before: At galleries, classical concerts, and exclusive private and public events.


LeBECK’S was positioned and dispersed to very select audiences at galleries, classical concerts, and exclusive private and public events. The touchpoints were in alignment with LeBECK’S and its premium appeal. Its news was then spread online via social media, blogs, and online publications to create intrigue and yearning within the rest of public. Hence elevating the perception of the brand BECK’S especially in the canned-beer segment.


LeBECK’S was carefully crafted with a luxurious brushed aluminum finish along with multiple laser and analog engraving processes. It was designed to raise awareness and improve the image of BECK’S canned beer. As a special edition, LeBECK’S inspired customers to associate their favorite premium pils with a new drinking custom. LeBECK’S has an innovative design patent that adds a permanent landmark to beer packaging.


LeBECK’S captured the imagination of people around the globe with over 620 million media impressions in just 2 weeks. The design was awarded the much-coveted ‘Delegates Choice’ by The Canmaker association, an honour not given to any other can design for the past 21 years. The implemented image-change took place the second you saw our product. Following suit with the home-market of Germany, several other global BECK’S markets are about to implement LeBECK’S in their portfolio. Along with major event collaborations, the unique LeBECK’S edition is giving several occasions the legendary touch it deserves.

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