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McCANN NEW YORK, New York / VERIZON / 2017

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The benefits of upgrading to Fios Quantum can’t be contained in one video, it required an entire animated world. Through 9 spots, we developed a cast of characters and locations to highlight each feature - grannies, polar bears, clumsy nerds, and dancing plants. In this spot, to show off the parental controls Fios Quantum offers we showed to children playing a computer game, who look oddly like the characters on screen.


Because of the scale of this campaign -- nearly four minutes of animation in total -- we approached the development process more like episodic work. We had a team of four artists working with the director to storyboard and design each spot. Our designs, both character and environment, were intentionally quite dimensional in their rendering. This created a smooth transition from the development department to our CG pipeline.

We also created a campaign that is viewed almost exclusively from an orthographic camera angle. This helped create a memorable look and feel, but also presented challenges for how to visualize certain narrative moments. We relied on the storyboard process to find the best layouts, compositions, and character blocking for each of our spots.

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McCANN , New york

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