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R/GA, Los Angeles / BEATS BY DRE / 2015

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We open on LeBron James in present day entering into his old High School: St. Vincent St. Mary’s. We then transition to LeBron in the weight room. He places on his PowerBeats2 Wireless and begins intensely working out. The harder he works out the more his mind goes back to the times that made the city of Akron special to him. His friends on the old courts he played on as a kid, the view from their old apartment, the tearing down of their family home, the many times he and his mother were uprooted and the eyes of his mother. The climax of the footage ends on a solemn scene of LeBron, eyes closed, with the words “Re-established” on the screen.


The campaign launched around LeBron’s first home game of the season. Beats used its YouTube channel to launch the long-form video, which featured an annotated end-card linking to six additional videos. Furthermore, the campaign was heavily supported on the Beats Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels. To spread the campaign we used celebrity influencers and LeBron’s own social channels. A social campaign with the hashtag #Putakronthemap engaged consumers to help Akron, Ohio become the top trending city for his next game. Putting his home city on the map was a childhood dream of his and Beats made it become a reality.


The long-form film garnered close to 15 million views on YouTube, while the cut-downs on Instagram received 90,000 views. Overall impressions on Facebook counted for 3.1 million, while Twitter received a staggering 65 million impressions. 211,500 Likes were received on Instagram. The campaign boosted social engagement by 5000% and boosted sales by 133%.

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