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“The Kronkiwongi Challenge”

What happens when you stick a box of LEGO bricks in front of a child and ask them to build something that doesn’t exist? Imagination at its finest.

So we did just that. A dozen kids from 8 countries around the world were asked to build a Kronkiwongi – a completely made up word invented by the Danish mum of our client that she had used to inspire her own son’s imagination. It’s a challenge that comes with no instructions, no rules, no preconceived notions. A pure exercise in imagination.

Completely unscripted, we captured kids’ (not actors) incredible imaginations on camera documentary-style. The nonsensical and the brilliant stuff, the funny and the touching stuff. Then we asked the world to take on the same Kronkiwongi Challenge too, in a worldwide celebration of the triumph of imagination & creativity.


We filmed an unscripted social experience: a series of films of real children (not actors) building their own interpretations of a Kronkiwongi, shot in their own home to capture authenticity.

The films featured children from different 8 countries taking on the Kronkiwongi challenge with just a box of LEGO bricks and their imaginations to help. They told us what a Kronkiwongi is, what it sounds like, how it can help… all in that way that only children can. Kissing spaceships, year beasts, a memory chip that tells the funniest jokes in the world... Kronkiwongis took on as many forms as the endless imaginations of the kids could come up with.

Each film invited mums to encourage their own children to take the Kronkiwongi challenge, with submissions uploaded via Facebook and Instagram to the Facebook LEGO page.

We targeted the videos to 24M mums’ mobile Facebook newsfeeds around the world.



• The campaign reached 24 million mums ?in 15 countries across the world, representing 80% of all mums in these countries on Facebook. 160 million impressions were delivered, generating 37 million video views. Additionally, we reached 3.3m LEGO fans organically.

• Engagement on the LEGO Facebook Page was up by 61% during the campaign period, including over 3000 user-generated Kronkiwongi submissions.

• Significant uplifts in all markets in the brand's association to imagination & creativity, including a 7pt increase in the UK and a 21pt increase in Australia.

• Significant uplifts in ad recall across all measured markets, including a 39 pt increase in Germany.

• One of the lowest CPV’s in Europe for the mum demographic ($0.03) and half the average CPM for this demographic ($6.10).

• 92% share of voice within the Toys & Games category during the campaign.

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