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M2FILM, Arhus / LEGO / 2013

Case Film






It’s difficult to pinpoint the situation within a certain region in regards to the “Legends of Chima” TV series because it airs globally. However, there are general rules and kid vid regulations across all territories that we always need to take into account, e.g. violence, sometimes language and product placement. So one will always have to be careful to show that characters are still alive if they are hit and we have to be mindful of the way products are portrayed within the content to avoid product placement claims.


Our Chima TV series tested better than our Ninjago TV series from 2012. Laval was the highest rated main character ever with the basis of comparison being 200 main characters. Also, tests showed that the TV series doesn’t have a sweet spot as there is something for all boys between ages 6-11 with enough “bad guy” nuances and depth for the older kids while also, at the same time, engaging the younger kids.


Episode 3 aired in prime time on Cartoon Network in the U.S. in late March and was the highest rated kids’ show that day. It was ranked 5th on all cable TV. Furthermore, the desire for the Chima products has doubled since episodes 1 and 2 aired on Super RTL in Germany.

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