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The Small Steps are a Big Start campaign is a partnership activity between LEO Pharma and the Psoriasis Association, which builds upon LEO Pharma’s history of supporting people with psoriasis. The campaign is rooted in LEO Pharma’s purpose - advancing the standard of care for the benefit of people with skin conditions, their families and society. This digitally-led campaign coincided with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


Motivate behavior change in those living with psoriasis and help them restart old positive habits, try new ones, and reconnect with their doctor.


- Inspire and provide practical tips and support to psoriasis patients through authentic, creative content

- Drive digital interactions and engagement with content on Leo Pharma channels.

- Drive traffic to the QualityCareTM landing page (LEO Pharma website)

- Demonstrate behavioral change and impact patient intention to engage with their healthcare professional


Insights for the campaign were built on an online survey, which focused on the impact of lockdown restrictions when living with psoriasis, as well as some one-to-one interviews:

- 71% of people felt that their psoriasis symptoms worsened during lockdown.

- 54% of people living with psoriasis wanted to prioritise exercising more regularly or easting healthier as lockdown restrictions ease.

- 41% of people living with psoriasis said they would like to take better care of their mental wellbeing as restrictions ease

This informed our three themes for the campaign: refresh your mental wellbeing; boost your health and fitness; connect with your doctor.

We wanted to help those living with psoriasis restart positive habits and try new ones. Making changes to a routine is daunting, so we wanted to inspire people living with psoriasis to take small, manageable steps first; Small Steps are a Big Start was formed.


We collaborated with three people living with psoriasis and heard about the Small Steps they took by improving their fitness, mental wellbeing, and reconnecting with their doctor. We co-created authentic, inspiring videos that were the hero assets for the campaign and informed a variety of engaging content for use across social channels.

Five additional people living with psoriasis were invited to try their own Small Step, and their progress was shared on social media.

Assets were shared over 6 weeks across Facebook and Instagram, leveraging an engaged psoriasis community on LEO Pharma's organic channels, as well targeting a psoriasis paid advertising audience from previous campaigns. Posts were tracked over the course of the campaign, and high-performing assets were amplified with further spend.

The social campaign guided people to the landing page, where the videos inspired people to download calendar reminders to kick-start their behavior change.



- 6,543,397 social impressions

- 20,021 landing page views

- 27,145 video views


- 931 calendar downloads

- 100s of positive comments from the psoriasis community

Calendar downloads was the key metric for the campaign. This represented people taking an action by adding reminders to their calendars to make small changes to their routine and maintain them over time. The figure represented a 37% increase on the conversion achieved during a previous campaign in 2020.

“Seeing the campaign launch and the community response was incredible. It was really touching to see people posting about how my story was helping them with their own psoriasis management and the impact of my involvement, while also keeping me motivated to maintain my own positive behaviours. I’m so proud to have been involved as a representative for the psoriasis community.” - Jas, Psoriasis Patient

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