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#LetsGoTwitter Onboarding

TWITTER, San Francisco / TWITTER / 2018

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There’s drama in the neighborhood. A distraught man has barricaded himself in his home, overwhelmed by the prospect of joining Twitter. The situation is tense until a skilled negotiator – comedian Romesh Ranganathan – arrives on the scene to talk him down. Through wit and wisdom, Romesh not only gets Kenny (aka @NotoriousKennyG) to join Twitter, but introduces him to the joy and wonder that comes with being part of the conversation.


This idea required lead actors who could balance dramatic tension with a dry sense of humor while developing an emotional bond over the course of the story. They needed to be instantly charismatic and quickly earn the viewer’s empathy. We mounted an extensive casting process, focusing on actor/comedians with strong improvisation or stand-up comedy experience. After whittling down our massive list, our two heroes rose to the top. We then tailored the scripts around them, which made the performances feel natural and effortless.

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