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SERVICEPLAN, Munchen / SONY / 2015

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We wanted to generate a general increase in awareness to coincide with the release of the posthumous, final album by Johnny Cash, “Out Among The Stars”. The CD aimed to appeal to a new audience but also create an emotional link to Cash’s music and life. What many don’t realise is that he was in prison himself for a time and that’s why the place had a particular resonance for him. He was also a star among prisoners following his release of “Folsom Prison Blues” in 1955. His prison gigs became world-famous. For this reason, even after his death, we are also making him the voice of a part of society that rarely comes into contact with advertising – the prison population. Through the interaction between prisoners and society in the form of moving letters distributed via social media, Cash became number one in the charts even after his death.


Ever since the publication of his ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ song in 1955, ex-prisoner Johnny Cash began to receive numerous letters from prisoners. And so they were given a chance to write letters for a literature competition. The jury was the public. The topic: ‘Write about your dreams and hopes for your time after prison when you are out among the stars'. A colorful array of media reports and interviews with the prisoners by the radio broadcasters made reference to the campaign page at where the public had a chance to read and share the letters. All participants received the new album, the winners even a special limited edition of the CD with all the letters.


The album 'Out Among The Stars' reached the number one spot based on online sales figures and was therefore the album with the highest sales during the campaign period.

However the most important thing of all was to draw attention to an issue which was important to Johnny Cash throughout his life: to be the mouthpiece of a society where few stop to take a glimpse behind the walls.

? Website: 7.637 active User, 33% Return Quote, 49.436 page impressions,

? Online banner: 113.000 Ad Impressions, 280 Clicks (CTR ca. 0,25%)

? Google-Ranking for „Out Among The Stars“ + „Prisoners“: Number One!

? Facebook shares: 1.870

? Online album sale: bestseller

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