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Letters to Gallipoli

TURKCELL, Istanbul / TURKCELL / 2017

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Gallipoli is a sensitive mile stone in the history of both nations. The creative idea is to bring life to the lost souls of Gallipoli. Since 5% of Turkish soldiers were literate and Anzac soldiers’ letters were delivered in about three months because of the distance to their homeland, they had no means of communication. And so we wanted to answer their unanswered letters from today and commemorate the 18 March Gallipoli Victory.


First we released a short video to let people know about the project, the struggles those soldiers were going through and the ways they could contribute to the project.

Then, we launched our website on the 101th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory, March 18 2016 (and also on 2017) and got our hashtag #IAmWritingtoGallipoli to Promoted Trending Topic on Twitter.

After, we invited people from Facebook via our promoted posts to on the Anzac Day April 25 for reply letters fo Anzacs. On both our websites we collected user generated content that is the answers to the unanswered letters of soldiers from the users of both nations.

That content wasn’t left on the online platform but the letters people wrote became a forest, in a running marathon organized in Gallipoli, in the hands of peace volunteers.


We got more then 8.500 letters from all users and every single letter became a tree in our Forest of Peace located on Gallipoli.


• Under normal conditions, the annual average share of voice was 32% and it was up to 73% during the project period.

• That day, 75% of those who talked about the project are people who have never talked about Turkcell before.

• The numbers are the grand total of both 2016 and 2017:

o Web Site Traffic: 650 K

o Total number of letters received: 8.5 K

o Total views of the video: 9 M Times

o Total Hashtag usage: 255 K

• And every single (Approved) letter became a tree in our Forest of Peace in (Çanakkale) Gallipoli.

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